Is keeping a loaded gun in a household safe?

 This is the question plaguing America at the moment because there have been many shootings that have been because of guns from households and many suicides attributed to loaded guns in the household.

In a blog, a woman talks about how keeping bullets and firearms in separate places to eliminate tension and suicide. In this blog, this woman talks about how they are four rules when having a gun in a house. The first rule is treating every gun as if it is loaded and has a bullet. Also treating every gun with the mindset that it is a dangerous weapon and that its intention is to kill someone if needed. But this lady talks about it’s her natural-born right to own a gun. It’s everyone’s natural born right to own a gun because the second amendment allows it but if a woman is talking about all these parameters in which she has to keep a gun safe is she really keeping her neighborhood safe and her household.

 Because she taking all these parameters and safety measures to keep her house safe and herself. but is she taking an account of the safety of other people’s lives because someone could break into her house when she’s not there and steal her firearms? And use those Firearms to kill someone. There is a large market for weapons and licensing for weapons is not hard to get and there is no mental health evaluation which makes it easier for people to obtain these weapons and commit atrocities.

 So is keeping a loaded gun in a household safe? The question is really up to you because you may be having control of yourself and security of your family but if someone breaks in and steals your weapons you are the one that’s going to pay for the firearm discharging on someone else. 

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  1. Damaris 8 months ago

    i don’t think that keeping a firearm in the house safe because if you have kids under the ages of 9 they gonna think that its fake and someone might die so no its not safe to keep a gun in the house.

    • Samuel 8 months ago


      Thanks for posting this timely piece.

      As Damaris notes firearm safety is critical for households with young children.

      I wonder what the research says, about how safe are homes with guns inside. I love the image you include in your post.

      Did you consider including some data charts to show how homes are more or less safe with guns?

      Thanks again for sharing this important topic.

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