The thing about Tik Tok is that once you start, there’s no going back. You tell yourself that you’ll go on Tik Tok for a couple of minutes, but 5 hours later you’re still scrolling and a notification pops up telling you to take a break. I am one of these unfortunate souls that were caught in the Tik Tok trap. It is not just Tik Tok that grabs the attention of millions of users, it is all social media platforms. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube: all of these platforms are great to use but people easily fall into the rabbit hole and emerge hours later. So can people be addicted to something that does not a person does not physically partake in like drugs and alcohol?

According to Live Science, people can be addicted to anything from drugs to working. The brain releases a hormone called dopamine, a neurotransmitter involved in processing rewards in the brain. Instead of waiting for the long term results, the body acts on the short term results because of the dopamine released, giving them a feeling of accomplishment for a brief moment. Therefore, it is possible to be addicted to something that a person does not partake in physically. Ever heard of a work-a-holic? The same principle lies behind their addiction to work. Their brain releases dopamine for their work efforts so they now want to continue to work to gain that same sense of satisfaction. 

Social media is a relatively new trend in this world, but researchers are beginning to recognize the same effects of addiction with social media users. Users get this sense of not getting enough when they scroll through their feed, so they stay longer becoming more sedentary, according to the Cleveland Clinic. People can get numb to the dopamine released, so they stay longer to get the same effects, similar to drug and alcohol addiction. So far there are no direct consequences of being addicted to social media except for the negative health issues of being stationary for too long. 

  1. Christopher 5 months ago

    Dear Sophie,
    I am very intrigued by your post, “AYO! Tik Tok Check!” because it was very informative on the matter of tik tok and its rising popularity. The way you compared the obsession of tik tok to the addiction of drugs was very excellent. It gave an excellent analogy for other people to understand.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is, “So can people be addicted to something that does not a person does not physically partake in like drugs and alcohol?” because its a skillful rhetorical question that’ll leave the reader wondering on what the answer may be.
    Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because the way you laid out the text was very organized and interesting.

  2. Kaia Ricks 5 months ago

    I alos like how he put i on how people get addicted and what the brain does to be addicted

  3. Kaia Ricks 5 months ago

    I like this because I can relate to saying ill be on Tik Tok for like 5 minutes and I’ll get addicted and stay on for 5 hours.

  4. isaac 5 months ago

    The whole tiktok thing is out of this world, in my opinion tiktok gets the kids attention more than school does and thats not a good thing, i still go to school and i just look over and see my classmates on tiktok ignoring the teacher. I dont think its a good app for our next generation but it can bring joy.

    • Mark Spelic 5 months ago

      I agree on everything.

  5. Synae Fielder 8 months ago

    Funny because it’s true. The Tik tok trap is real. Especially late nights when you say just one more and then you look at the time after watching 100plus videos and its 4:47 in the morning.

    • Samuel 8 months ago


      Unlike Synae, I am an old “fart”. I do not understand the appeal of Tik Tok.

      Last week in my students at the U School had an interesting conversation about how Lil Nax X leveraged Tik Tok and a catchy trap-country music beat to fame.

      I will leave Tik Tok to the younger generation. I am trying to control my social media diet in general and don’t trust Old School Facebook or Twitter 🙂

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