Everyday we recycle to save waste and to make things reusable. But some think that it’s not the best way to throw away and reuse materials. They think this because the process of recycling uses up a lot of energy and creates pollution in our atmosphere. We are seeing problems with pollution and how it is affecting the world we live in. 

Every year, Americans recycle about 87 million tons. A lot of people don’t know how recycling actually works so they don’t know what it’s doing to our planet. After the recycling gets picked up, it goes to a mill to get sorted through and becomes an “environmentally friendly product”. Then it is processed. Then is bought from clients and or other countries.

Over time the U.S. has mainly sold there recycling to china. So we got rid of a lot of our recycling and would get money for it. But this is still a problem because it pollutes our atmosphere and should maybe find a new way to deal with trash. Also if a thing of recycling has “food remnants on it, like your greasy pizza box, cannot be recycled because those contaminants would mess up the refining process”.

I think that everyone should be notified about how recycling actually works and where it all goes. If everyone was more aware of it, we could help our atmosphere, and create less waste. Also then everyone would know what you can and can’t recycle.


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