In America, you don’t see the gender roles a lot but there are some households that the men are the breadwinners and women the is the caretaker. In some other countries like Bolivia, women were expected to stay home and take care of the children while the men go out and make money. In Bolivia they treat men way better then they treat females. In Haiti in some places, they still have the gender role but in most part is equal on who takes care of the children. If the family lives on a farm then the men are expected to go work out on the farm carrying heavy things. While females are cooking and doing housework.  

On average, women in Afghanistan will have lower literacy rates, earning power, and social status due to a lack of opportunity (Pulsipher 2017, 379). In the united kingdom, they expect both men and women to get an education. Females are expected to get about one year more of education than males will. I think it just depends on where you live because in America and in the united kingdom don’t really have gender roles. In other countries, it’s hard for women to even be allowed to drive. It really just depends on where you live so yes and no.


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