Texting and driving is a big issue these days. Teens text and drive all the time thinking there will be no consequences. Teens do not think of the risk before they do the action of texting and driving.  Many Americans are killed everyday in car accidents that involve texting and driving. 1.6 million crashes per year are due to texting and driving. 1 out of every 4 car accidents in the US is due to texting. So obviously there is a problem in our society. Texting while driving puts yourself and everyone else on the road in danger. 

For many years now society has been trying to eliminate these accidents. There is already a law in place that states drivers can not be on their phones while driving. The only way for this law to actually solve the accidents is only if the people decide to follow the law. There is a temptation to grab our phones at a red light or stop sign, but we must not do that. This law must not be broken so that one day we can lower the death of people in car accidents. This will affect every state except for Montanna and Arizona because they have no law regarding this subject. All other states have some form of law against texting and driving. Young Americans are being killed every day. This must stop.

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  1. Adryan 8 months ago

    Texting while Driving is a very dangerous thing that has began to get more popular in this generation it seems, and it doesn’t look like it’s getting better. Civilians that drive around occupied by their smartphone put not only themselves, friends, or family in danger but the other around them.

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