Now a day, depression is a very serious and common mental illness. Same as normal disease, it’s just like your mind is sick. People have depression normally have many negative thought, and many of them will try to hurt or kill themselves. According to the research, there’s estimated 1 million suicide deaths each year.

So what can we do for them? I think the most important things is to suggest them to go see the doctor, and don’t let them feel alone. Actually there’s already a very effective medical treatment, but most of the patient unwilling to face the problem, because they don’t think they’re sick.

Last month, there’s two female Korean artists who have depression suicided, it’s pretty sad that nobody can help them. So if anyone around you have looks like something wrong, please stay with them, and give them attention. At least don’t think that’s doesn’t matter, because it’s a serious problem.


  1. Cindy 9 months ago

    Hi Nini,
    I agree that depression is a big issue, people should care more about this problem. It is not just a physical illness, depression can lead to a horrible situation. I think people like us need to now more how to deal with people that have depression. Here is the link that might help,

  2. Madelyn 9 months ago

    Hi Nini, I agree that depression is an important issue that needs to be discussed more. It is a problem becoming more common in people, especially teens. We need to start this discussion and start looking for solutions. Here is a link I think may be helpful to you:

  3. asnica 9 months ago

    hi nini
    yes, depression is a very very serious mental illness. We need to be able to talk about in weather its online or in schools or with family or friends we just need to talk about it more.

  4. Jack 9 months ago

    Hi Nini,
    I agree that depression is a serious illness. We need to have more open talks to help these people. Depression has ways of being dealt with and the website below can help with that. Hope you can find it useful.
    Thank you,
    Jack Terrill

  5. Kaan 9 months ago

    Howdy Nini,

    Yes, depression is a very important issue that needs to be talked about more. It’s just as important as any physical illness.
    Here is a website on how to help deal with depression. You can share this with anyone that you think will need it.


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