There is a wide debate about whether or not school uniforms should be worn. Although they do keep their students unified, there are more reasons that point to the fact that they do more bad than good. They restrict their students’ freedom of expression. In the US Constitution, the First Amendment guarantees that all individuals have the right to express themselves freely. The choice of clothing for a student is a “crucial form of self-expression.” Therefore, students should have the freedom to dress in whatever way they feel is fit. 

Conformity is also promoted through wearing school uniforms. Schools claim to be encouraging diversity, but wearing uniforms is the opposite of that. A student at Harford County said, “The ultimate socializer to crush rebellion is conformity in appearance.” I believe this statement to be very true, and that there is no reason all students should have to wear the exact same thing.

School uniforms can also be a burden for poor families. Some families do not make enough money to afford them. This is unfair to make them pay for something that does not affect their children’s education. The clothes a student wears should have no connection to the education they are receiving. 

  1. Graham 8 months ago

    Hey Sophie,
    I enjoyed your post very much. I agreed with the three arguments you made about school uniforms. I think that ultimately uniforms are a bad thing. Allow me to assist your side of the argument. This Article:
    sites that free dress promotes creativity in school and the workplace.

  2. Ruhang 8 months ago

    Hey Sophie,
    I like your article very much. I also agree with you very much that school uniforms really limit students’ freedom. Schools are inherently diverse. Students wearing their own clothes can reflect different styles for everyone.
    ( article can help you learn more.

  3. Paula 8 months ago

    Hey Sophie,
    I really like what you wrote, especially since I agree with your stance regarding this topic. Students should at least be allowed to alter their uniform, that is if you want to meet at the middle. ( Thought this might interest you.
    -Sincerely, Paula

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