I think the drinking age can be lowered slightly. Because in the United States you can drive at the age of 16. You can run for president at the age of 18. But drinking is 21 years old. Most people left their parents after attending college at the age of 18. So some of them will not restrain themselves. Many students secretly hide in the bedroom or drink at home, which will cause more problems.

Of course, if America lower drinking age. Crime statistics are likely to rise. So the answer to this question is two-sided, good side and bad side.

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  1. Adryan 8 months ago

    I feel that because of the other non drinking related topics may be at a lowered age, and can still be dangerous, many more people would be under the impression of drinking and driving which can lead to more deaths per year in motor vehicles. But if used responsibly and in a safe scene around safe and cautious people then it could be a possibility. Here is a link you can read to see my viewpoint of lowering the drinking age limit.

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