America strong is not about its system, but its military. America’s military is the most special in the world. Not only because it’s the most powerful one in the world, but also because it can make money by itself. We all knows that military needs the money from Government because to maintain a military really needs lots of money, but all the country have to have one to protect themselves. But America military is different, they can make money for the Government. We all knows about America has lots of carrier fleet. And these fleets actually is controlling the trade of all the world. For example, if America wants to block a country. Of course he can cut off all the trade from outside of that country. This is the way how America make money from it, America makes the rules for everyone, under its rules, America can make huge profits from it. When they have more money, they can maintain a bigger and stronger military, and that’s why America have fleets all over the world. So McAvoy’s speech is more like a pure patriot, which is very provocative. He ignore what make the country real strong but tell these young people how weak their country are, because this is a  patriotic education speech at all. In fact, America is still the greatest country in the world. The reason for the world use dollar for trade is because America has the military to keep its credit. This should be change in another question, when will America won’t be the greatest country in the world. The answer for that is when the America no longer has the strongest navy.


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