I have a big problem with today’s education system. I believe today’s education system is more about obedience and doing what other people want you to do instead of preparing someone for the real world and inspiring students to find a career that makes them happy. Different humans have different gifts and I personally don’t think all students should be forced to complete the same requirements. This is a big reason why so many kids cheat and mindlessly complete their work for the grade. If the education system truly cared about students learning, why would they award students for getting a grade and not actually learning the material. 

I’m not saying I haven’t learned anything important in school, but it feels that once I reached middle school, things that are “important to learn” became a lot more subjective. While I sit in class learning about quadratic equations, my mind screams Coltrane Changes and 9/8. I started to feel more frustrated with school as I got older. I knew the career I wanted to go into but I was still forced to learn information that I never intend on using. I knew what I needed to learn, but I was forced to sit for hours a day, working on things that won’t help me. I think the education system should be reworked. People should be able to dabble into different subjects and learn what helps them in the career path they choose. Instead of everyone being forced to learn Chemistry, people should be forced to learn about doing taxes, doing a job interview, paying your bills, etc. I think this would change the world in positive ways.


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