Climate change has been one of the most talked about issues in recent years. This is due to how bad our situation is, and how little we have done to do anything about it in a positive way. Like I said it has been one of the most talked about issues, however little has been done for any change due to greedy CEOs more concerned about their wallet then the health and wellbeing of our planet. That is why we must initiate change individually and make noise so that the big companies are forced to hear.

    There are plenty of sites that have information on how we can do this, however most of them do not give information on how one small change will affect the world on a large scale. Another problem about some of these things listed, is that they are unavoidable, such as flying, which is a requirement for a lot of people in the professional world, they can’t simply not fly, they must find other ways to help in this process.   

 However, there are still plenty of easy ways that we can all make a positive change in our world, such as conserving water, reusing products, and using public transportation or carpools as much as possible. With these small acts, we as a community can reduce our emissions and make a positive impact on the beautiful earth all around us.

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  1. Jack 8 months ago

    Fixing our environmental crisis is an incredible task. We need much of the worlds major world powers to been on the same page. People like Gretta Thunberg are making a difference. But it’s hard to stop corporate greed from poisoning politics.

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