Global warming and climate change is an important issue in the world these days as populations grow. Many people know the ways to decrease global warming and climate change such as using public transportations, not using plastic products, and eating vegan food, but it is hard to act to change. I think it is time to change ourselves and need to pay attention to the issue so that others, who don’t know about this, can be interested in and do activities with us. I also want to introduce other ways to stop or decrease global warming and climate change.

According to the article, ‘How You Can Stop Global Warming’, the author says: “Indeed, heating and air-conditioning account for almost half of home energy use”.”What’s the single biggest way you can make an impact on global climate change? ‘Talk to your friends and family, and make sure your representatives are making good decisions,’ Haq says. According to the article, ‘20 Fantastic Ways To Stop Climate Change’, the author says: “Basic habits like turning off the tap when you are soaping up and filling up the sink to wash dishes all make a difference”. “The more processed foods are, the more energy is expended to produce them”.

By reading these articles, I learned that we can stop climate change with our small actions in daily life and we should pay attention to this problem. We should try to stop this to make and to live in a better environment. It could be hard to change immediately but it will be good not only for humans but also for animals and plants because humans and animals get sick by various diseases and lose their habitats due to climate change. A person’s attention could stop climate change.

  1. Anthony Vazquez-Esparza 8 months ago

    Hey Mijin,
    i really loved reading this little essay from you. it was very well presented and it had many great facts. another thing that i really loved from the writing is that you presented us with some solutions that we can do in our every day life to try and stop climate change, or so we can try to reduce our own carbon foot print.

  2. Cindy 8 months ago

    I agree that climate change is a big problem. You have a clear point and good evidence suppor. I think you can give a more clear situation how bad is climate change, here is the link that I think will help.

  3. Graham 8 months ago

    Hey Mijin,
    I think that your post on climate change was really great. It’s a huge problem, and you went over some of the easiest ways to prevent global warming. Here is a link to an article that I think provides some good evidence: (

    • Graham

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