“You Are Fake News !” said by president Trump. During president Trump first press conference since the mid-term election day, president Trump refuses to give the reporter from CNN a question, and called it a fake news. Fake news always exist, but it had become popular after the 2016 election. The republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called the media give him negative reports “Fake News”.

The problem of fake news is always exist, but as the internet grows, it is much easier now to spread information that is inaccurate. But why fake news becomes a problem that is so necessary to be addressed in now days. While in a democracy state, the public opinion is very important in the policy making process. The news as a source for the citizens to gain information about the government can influence the public opinion a lot. If the information given by the news is inaccurate, in a lot of ways it can hurt our democracy. Also the fake news can also hurt our national security, the forign states can use fake news to manipulate our domestics public opinion to influence elections and legislation. 

It is very hard to spot fake news, but it is very necessary for us to know which source is accurate and unbiased. To gain source in a right way and make wise decision are both very important component to be a responsible citizen.

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  1. Eric 8 months ago

    Hi Hanson, I like your post.
    Now days lots of the media have bias in political. They create lots of fake news to attack other parties. This is not correct. The only think we can do is to have a good reconization
    to clearify these news. We should learn these media belongs to which parties before we go deeper. Here’s a link might help you.

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