The daily battles that people in Utah fight with how poor their air quality is. Many people that live in Utah are affected by this horrible air in the valleys of Utah. Many of these people are trying to get around these issues but at the same time they are fighting for their lives. The population on the wasatch front has grown 14% during the past decade. This is also one of the reasons for this horrible air quality is from all of the people that are living in this State and putting the pollutants in the air.  

Where is all of this pollution coming from and why is it just settling down in the valley of Salt Lake City? Often when people visit the state of Utah during the winter they are very confused and Utahns are often asked what is this conversion thing that you are talking about? Utah was ranked Number one in the nation over Delaware this year and that is a record for our nation. 

Both the weather and the geography are affecting this, the EPA now has two months or there will be a lawsuit with this problem. Arizona will also be held accountable for a air quality plan in Pinal Country.  Problem with this are that people are getting Lung cancer and other lung malfunctions. Many people are loving the area but not the condition that they have to live in.

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  1. Jack 8 months ago

    Hi Riley,
    I agree that the population increase has played a big role in the bad air. I also agree that these lung diseases need to be stoppes. Bad air in Utah is everywhere and we need to get rid of it. There are some tips in the link below on how to help fix this bad air.
    Jack Terrill

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