Health insurance is such a big necessity in today’s day in age, however, approximately nine percent of all Americans to not have access to it. I personally, believe every American citizen should have access to health care, because their are some people who just can’t afford it, and I feel that everybody should have the opportunity to have it, even though they may have financial troubles. Financial issues has been the main reason people have delayed getting health care, but also because there are other priorities/insurances that are needed for individuals. If the government provided health care to every American, possible benefits may include, improving public health, reduce overall health care spending, and will stop medical bankruptcies.

I feel that with this upcoming election in 2020, health care should be a huge concern for the american people, and it should bring a lot of awareness for future change in the medical world. Being provided with health insurance would be such a relief for everyone, and it would make people healthier, and happier because of the lower costs. Overall, health care provided by the government would increase overall health, reduce medical bankruptcies, and allow those who can’t afford health care, the opportunity to have it, and live a healthy and happy life.

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  1. Ben 8 months ago

    Hello Matt! Great article! I especially love the part where you talk about how, with health care, we can all live happier lives because we wouldn’t have to worry as much. Heres and article listing the pros and cons of your article (

    from Ben

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