Homework is a part of every students life, and the question is, is homework really beneficial? And does homework lead you to have a successful future? There have been many studies to see if homework is beneficial to students, and most of the research have been positive. It improves academic achievement, test scores, and makes the student feel confident in his or her intellectual ability. The main problem with homework is that students are getting too much of it, and are getting overwhelmed causing personal problems such as sleep deprivation, headaches, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

People who oppose homework often express that homework is useless because it doesn’t have any benefits for us later on in life, nor give us any real life skills to live a successful life. A study from the Hispanic Heritage Foundation found that 96.5% of students across the country said they needed to use the internet for class assignments outside of school, and nearly half said they could not do their assignments because of the lack of technology resources. So many kids around the world don’t even have access to the homework they are assigned making it nearly impossible to achieve academic success.

  1. Riley 6 months ago

    Hey Matt, after reading your YV post about the homework is very interesting. I personally believe that the homework has gotten out of hand. Kids have lifes outside of school and these students are being completely taken over by teachers with unreasonable expectations. Most of my time off of school is spent doing homework at home. I believe that student work should be kept at school.

  2. Emily 6 months ago

    Dear Matt,

    I 100% agree with this post, because I believe as well that homework is good to an extent, but teachers are starting to give so much more, because they are trying to cover so much more material, but at this point it is only affecting the students. On this website, https://www.healthline.com/health-news/children-more-homework-means-more-stress-031114 I found that homework is causing many more anxiety and stress disorders in students, because it has become such a burden and overwhelming for students.


  3. James 6 months ago

    I agree that there has to be something done about homework. I do believe there is some basis for assigning homework, but it has to be reasonable. More and more, it seems that a teacher gives a 15 minute lecture on a subject, then says “here’s your homework assignment for tonight”. The homework then takes quadruple the amount of time to complete that the teacher even spent to teach the concept. Teachers try to explain that repetition is the key to mastering a concept. I disagree, instead the Teacher should repeat the lesson that is being taught. A good teacher should be able to come up with various methods of communicating the concept that is being taught, especially given the number of years the Teacher has been teaching. It is undisputed that students don’t all learn the same way, so the pressure should be put on a Teacher to effectively teach the lesson. If a Teacher’s tenure, compensation, or other benefits were in jeopardy if they did not properly teach the concepts, maybe the need for homework would not be as necessary. My opinion is that if a Student’s grade does not reflect that they know the material being taught, perhaps both the Student and the Teacher should be blamed. Maybe the Teacher should be required to spend more time with students who do not master the materials after the 15 minute instruction period rather than just sending the student home to muddle through something that they obviously have been inadequately taught in the classroom.

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