Gun control is a topic that has been gaining the public’s eye as the years have gone by. This topic has created a division within the American public as some people are for it and others are against it. The people that are satisfied with our current regulations and are against gun control believe that: “the crime rate will not change if we take automatic firearms from the public” or “the current background check is as good as it can get and the most significant one is” and “it is not the guns fault but the persons state of mind of the owner.”

All of the points listed above I would consider them to be false besides the last one. You do have to consider the persons state of mind when you look at all the massacres that have occurred. I am on the side that is pro gun control because we have this a topic I believe is not being taken seriously enough. The number of mass shootings there are in the U.S continues to rise and nothing is seeming to change.

Finally, I hope change can come and that we never see a shooting at a school, workplace or anywhere. Some solutions I have include investing in smart-gun technology. We can eliminate promoting guns and we should pass gun laws that actually reduce gun violence.


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