Many Americans today are being cautious about social media sites giving news. Getting news from social media sites has become increasingly common amongst Americans today. Nearly three-in-ten Americans get their news from some sort of social media. The problem with this is that social media companies have too much control over the news they can deliver on their sites, which causes a worse mix of news for the users. 

          Some of the largest social media companies are using computer algorithms that rank content interesting to users so then it shows up on their social media sites. People can change these settings, but some still find that these certain posts appear in their news feeds on social media, especially Facebook. Social media platforms have gone public about their fight against fake publications, but many Americans claim that they are making things worse. A majority of 55% say that the role of social media in news results in a bad mix of news.           

Most people would say that social media platforms are making this problem worse because they favor certain types of news organizations. Social media companies have established policies when it comes to their publishers which makes it seem as though they are favoring certain news organizations. In addition social media sites tend to favor news organizations that produce attention-grabbing articles, have a large amount of social media followers, and have certain political stance. This leads Americans to believe that these news articles being provided by social media platforms are biased and inaccurate. They are concerned about the low quality news articles on social media because they are one-sided and inaccurate, which misleads most people. But the problem is how do we get people to stop supporting these articles even after they know they are most likely fake and or biased.  


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