There has always been controversy surrounding the topic of zoos. There are questions of it being morally okay to keep animals captive or is it saving them? Many animals that do go to zoos are going extinct from humans or climate change. But zoos have many benefits such as informing people why these certain animals are there and all the different kinds of animals that there is. If it wasn’t for zoos many people would not know about or be educated of all the different types of animals. In the article Dr. Dave Hone said “even species that are common can come under severe threat very quickly or without people realising.” Humans have caused many animals having to go to the zoo. Humans have caused climate change and that has affected many animals such as polar bears and all the artic animals. Climate change harmed over half of all mammal species on the endangered species list. This is another reason why we need to have zoos. There is a stigma surrounding the word zoos because people think its just for entertainment and they don’t treat the animals well but really the zoos are saving thousands of animals from extinction. 

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  1. asher 7 months ago

    Hey Katie,
    I think that you make a good point but in my opinion Zoos do a lot more bad than good, and that they would be fine if proper steps are made to make the living for the animals better and how they get the animals better. I do agree they offer education and when the animals were ones that were injured and are now in living safer it is fine. But many zoos don’t offer that and make sure that the animals weren’t taken without reason from the wild. I think that this article gives a good argument for both sides and makes important points

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