Plastic has a chemical in it called bisphenol A (BPA) and this chemical is very dangerous for us humans because it can cause cancer and it can also cause birth defects and impaired immunity, endocrine disruption. Little parts of plastic particles are in all of our blood and tissues in our bodies. Plastics never goes away. Plastic can take up to  10 to 1,000 years to decompose and that’s just everyday use like plastic wrappers. And plastic water bottles take 450 years to decompose. If we don’t figure out how to get the plastic under control it will eventually kill off all of the animals and the human race can go instinct.,take%20450%20years%20or%20more.

The article talks about plastic is really affecting our drinking water. It puts a chemical into the water that we can’t have in our bodies because it can harm us very much. There are also very small particles in our drinking waters that we don’t see. It doesn’t just affect us it affects the see life and the wildlife the food chain would collapse. So we really need to try and find a solution to this problem.

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  1. Sam 8 months ago

    I thought this was a very good piece. It gave a lot of good information about how plastic can negatively affect people. I think the best part of the piece was when you explained how BPA can harm people, because it helps the reader visualize the problems that can become of this.
    If you want to look more into this topic, I would recommend taking a look at this article:
    Overall, I though this was a very good article with a lot of good information. The specific details, and information, are what made this piece great to read.

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