Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they always here.

Everyone has friends, whether in life or on the Internet. If there is no friendship, life will not have a pleasant harmony, like a pool of stagnant water; Friendship is everywhere, it goes with you, around you, and you spend a lifetime together.

Friendship, is a rainy season in a small umbrella, it held up a clear sky; Friendship, is a cup of light tea on a snowy night, it can drive away the cold, bring warmth; Friendship, is a lamp in the road, it gives you direction when you lose… Life is long, if you can have a lasting friendship, life is not regret.

The world, the red dust rolling, year after year of ups and downs, how many smiles, a few silk sadness, as time river flowing, many people and things are in vain. But there is a person with the passage of time, you and ta exchanges, such as aged wine fragrance, qin people heart and lung. Your friendship with them is the most precious emotion in the world. This friendship is the purest, the noblest, the simplest, the commonest of feelings. Is also the most romantic, the most moving, the most solid, the most eternal emotion.

When I was young, friendship is a simple playmate, is a cry cry smile innocence. Childhood friendship is the real me and you, can unbridled quarrel, each other angry pout mouth, after a moment and hand in hand. At that time, the friendship is a small piece of sugar, sweet taste, forever stay in the childhood memory, no matter when the aftertaste, are happy.

After growing up, friendship is a transparent cup, when the glass invites the moon, the shadow into three. Failure or lonely when the wine talk, she will not find you boring. Friendship is sad not to hide in a corner quietly cry, she silently accompany you, tell you where to fall where to get up. Thus, the growth of our friendship and everlasting footprints.

When trouble, friendship such as alcohol liquor; Pain, friendship such as the fragrance of tea; When happy, friendship is like a light song; Loneliness, friendship as drink on the moon……

Friendship is a hot spring, is a little bit of common trouble and joy, finally gathered into a river of friendship, babbling in life.

Friendship is a wisp of gentle wind, is chagrin sent continuously meaning, is the heart of sincere mutual spit when annoyed, is the festival when the voice of the blessing… At that time of friendship, is a clear picture, whenever you think of it is bright and beautiful; Is the life of the lush trees, evergreen throughout the year.

One’s sky is narrow and monotonous. Friendship woven into the sky, is vast, is brilliant. Friendship can spice up your life and give you more insight into the outside world.

Friendship is a force for mutual assistance, mutual appreciation of the bosom friend. Is the success of the mutual salute, is the failure of the eternal encouragement, is a heroic song, when singing are passionate as ever.

Friendship, and like a cup of coffee, is the light mellow and bitter after maturity, is an April fool’s day joke, is the birthday of the sentence: happy birthday!

You are the clouds in the sky, I am the wind blowing you, we rely on each other, trust each other, care for each other.

Friendship, sometimes is a kind of silent company, is two pairs of sitting before the table, silent is also to know. Friendship is a warm harbor, quietly received tired you shore.

In prosperity our friends know us; In adversity, we know our friends and form a friendship. Friendship is like the rain in summer, the sun in winter, by which the heart nourishes, the ice melts and everything grows. No matter where we are, what we can’t forget is friendship. Friendship, let us hand in hand for a lifetime, everlasting.


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