Immigration and especially illegal immigration is a hot topic and is becoming seen more and more as a negative thing, but we don’t always see the benefits that we have been reaping from immigration. An article from Uni dos USA talks about how immigration has been helping our economy, Undocumented immigrants pay an average of $11.64 billion in state and local taxes a year. On average, an undocumented individual has about 8% of their income go to taxes.  This shows how much of a contribution illegal immigration has but don’t see any benefits of our federal systems. And generally the jobs immigrants do are ones that an educated citizen will most likely not do.
we are quick to blames one for our problems but very slow to recognize something we’ve been fighting against. A large issue with illegal immigration is people turn to it being a problem among that race or ethnicity, witch leads to racism every where. until it is a cycle of blaming others for your problems and never your self or just fate. The U.S has a bad habit of this, we often will put our blame on other countries or ethnicity. Luckily it has been getting better but is still prevalent.

I am also not trying to say that we should welcome everyone in, the U.S has grown a lot and we cant have large increase of people constantly. I think that it is important to understand both side of this topic, it is common to jump to blaming job loss especially on illegal immigrants. People need to turn to big businesses that are hiring illegal immigrants for below minimum wage and with poor conditions.


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