My Maggie, My daughter,
The love of my my life.
I only want you to know,
That when I’m struggling,
Or dealing with strife,
You are where I always go.
Since in you,
I see the daughter that I pray to have.
When trouble draw near,
When trouble is there,
Just know that we’ll always be unique in quilts.
That’s my duty and my right as mother,
Since you are my blood and at the same time my life.

Image credit: Sisters by T.JackPhotography on 2014-05-18 02:33:54



  1. Author
    Khadija 10 months ago

    Hi Jasmine, I really like the way you make a connection with my poem through other book you have read. This is so fantastic and have emotion because is not only the connection of the story some has your personnel connection and it is fabulous. Therefore I hope to see you again to read others poems that I will made again.

  2. Leticia 10 months ago

    dear Khadjia,
    I am proud of your poem, “My Beloved Daughter” because your story demonstrates how a mother can love her daughter and share the affection that she has with her daughter. One line that stands out for me is, “My Maggie, My daughter, The love of my life.” I think his line is fascinating because your story to attract and hold attentively by a unique power. Another stanza that stands out for me is, “ I only want you to know, That when I’m struggling, Or dealing with strife, You are where I always go.” I think it is captivating because it excites the attention to someone to read over and over. Your poem reminds me of a story I once read. This story tell me how a child can be strong for her everything she has to go through difficulties. Thank you, my heart is still smiling. I look forward to seeing what you make next. I would really like to come back again to read your story because I found it very interesting the way you used the word of feeling to express the sentiments of mother toward her daughter. And also, Your writing is beautiful.

    • Author
      Khadija 10 months ago

      Thanks you Leticia for comment My poem with many emotion that I feel it. Even Thought you call it story. You make a great connections that I want a person who read my poem can make and feel.

  3. Jasmine 10 months ago

    Hello Khadija, I really enjoyed reading your poem! In our American Literature class we read a poem every day, which has exposed us to various artistic styles and literary elements. I was intrigued to read your piece because of the heartfelt title and beautiful picture! I think poetry is such a good way to express emotion, and I especially liked: “The love of my my life./ I only want you to know,/ That when I’m struggling,/ Or dealing with strife,/ You are where I always go”. This reminded me of my own life, and how looking at it from the opposite perspective, I always go to my mother! Also, have you read “When They Call You a Terrorist” by Patrisse Khan-Cullors ( )? Your poem reminded me of this book, and I highly recommend it. Although it does not show exactly the same family dynamic as the one described in your poem, one of a strong mother-daughter relationship, family is a central part of this novel. The main character, Patrisse (it is a memoir) has a very strong relationship with her father. She turns to him for love and help when she needs it, and he does the same as well. Even if you don’t look at this book, I really appreciate your time writing and posting this on Youth Voices! Thanks.

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