Once upon a time, a beautiful child was born. All of the family members were waiting for this moment for a very long time. After waiting for two=a=half hours, they all heard a child crying and finally the delightful moment come true. Mom and other family members were crying with smiley faces. They were hugging each other and sharing happiness. Mom was holding the baby with teary eyes, and thinking what a blissful gift she had received from God. she was giving her name Zahra Cadence. After that mum was thinking about how she will grow up this child without her father because the father has been missing for 8 month, when her older daughter Zeila start to go to school. Mum had to do a lot of sacrifices to grow up Zeila and the father never want to help her. The father thinks this is her problem so deal with it. Mama never have her husband beside her as a support.

One day mum was cooking and Zahra was playing with the toy and Zeila was combing her hair. She was supposed to watch Zahra. She was supposed to watch Zahra. Mum was step out for a moment to get the water from the water pump which is located outside their house. Suddenly, they heared a crackling sound and inside the house it was all black smoke. Mum was looking back to the house horrified. She can only see the fire is up to the sky and so dark. She called her daughters to them to come outside immediately! Right way Zeila came outside. Mum was asking where is Zahra and she said she was unable to see her in the dark smoke. Mum was crying and try to go in but she couldn’t. Inside the house Zahra was crying and didn’t knowwhat to do in this situation. she was scared. people from the community came and tried to put out the fire and rescue Zahra. But it was too late. 

Zahra life was at risk. Almost half of the body got burned. Her bodywould be filled with scars. This is why she always feel sad about it. Because when she goes out of the house, people look at her in a different way. She wants a normal life like other people but, because of the scars people people treat her differently. She always wants to see herself as a beautiful women. However, She knows that it is impossible. This is why she always hides herself. Zahra dreams of becoming an actress one day. Because when she watches TV shows, she loves the actresses and she wants to see herself in this position. She wants to be on TV because she believs if she become famous, then she would have money to support her family.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Mama and Maggie’s struggles by Fatema is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Joshua 4 weeks ago

    Hey Fatema:
    I loved your story and I think it’s truly inspirational. You can really feel the emotion you put behind the story. As I read it it kind of felt like a story that could have happened in real life. So my question is, where did your inspiration come from?

  2. Yeanoor 1 month ago

    Dear Fatema,

    I am stimulated by your short story ” Mama and Maggie’s struggles” because it is a great story which has a very specific details about the event that Maggie had faced which never makes her feel confident and make a good communication with outside of people. Her fantasy to be becomes a successful could makes change of her fear that she have inside of her.

    One sentence that stands out for me, “ Suddenly, they heard a crackling sound and inside the house it was all black smoke. Mum was looking back to the house horrified. She can only see the fire is up to the sky and so dark” this scene is horrible but it is foreshadowing of your story. We can infer what would be the next chapter about.

    Your story helps me to comprehend “ Everyday use” that I once read, where Maggie’s some of body part got burned because of the flame of fire and mama we’re happy to have two daughter.

    Thanks for your story. I am looking forward to seeing what you make next.

  3. Ellie 1 month ago


    You have a beautiful talent in writing, especially in the scope of drawing readers in. It is fascinating to watch someone be able to tell a story that did not happen in reality with such great details.
    One line that stood out to me was ” They were hugging each other and sharing happiness. Mom was holding the baby with teary eyes, and thinking what a blissful gift she had received from God.” With just a few simple sentences, you have succeed to portray the emotions of a mom who had just given birth.
    Your short story inspires me to write more and more importantly, express my gratitude for my mother because moms are the best.

    Thank you for your story. I look forward to reading your next one.

  4. El-Hossin 1 month ago

    Dear Fatema:

    I am inspired by your short story because it is very powerful and phenomenal piece of writing.

    One paragraph that stands out for me, “Zahra life was at risk. Almost half of the body got burned. Her bodywould be filled with scars. This is why she always feel sad about it. Because when she goes out of the house, people look at her in a different way.” I think these two lines are critical to your story’s overall feelings, because it is very sad!

    Your short story reminds me of my friend that I have not seen for decades, is this even true?

    Thanks for your letter. I look forward to seeing what you make next.

    Bas Bas

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