The yard of my house is so beautiful. It makes me feel that I am sitting in my living room and relaxing. This is where I think about everything that was going on my life. Living a poor life is not easy. You have to put double efforts to pursue something just because you belongs to a family where has an inequality. It’s ridiculous that I was a partially educated child who did look as appealing as her older sister and was always neglected by her family and society just because of my lack of confidence and skin scars. It is really mournful for me. My gloomy outlook and shuffles took all the opportunity that I coveted for.

One day me and my sister was playing in the backyard, while my mom was in the kitchen preparing food for us. We all ate together and had a wonderful family gathering. After we were done our eating, my mom helped my sister to get ready to school. I went to the kitchen to pick some food. My mom left the gas open and because of the wind, a piece of paper dropped into the gas stove fire and constantly it spreads all over the house. I was scared and screaming by saying “Help! Help!” . The flame was surrounding me and I did not know what to do. I lost half of my conscious by facing and see myself in unexpected and horrible situation. My mom came to rescue me, however it was too late. Some of my body parts already burned. My whole life ruined because of this accident. I could not believe that my sister who I love and respect most, she did not try to rescue me or even showing empathy toward me. This is the moment when I realized she doesn’t like me because her action implies how self-centered person she is, who puts herself first than others.

My moms broke her back saving money for Dee to go to college, and I was staying home, carrying out the heritage.

Sometimes I ask myself what I got from my life and family. It’s nothing expect all the apathy. Nothing,” Except all the apathy.

My mom never faired with me as she was doing with Dee. She was getting everything according to her just because of her lighter skin compared to me. My soft and kind personality makes me  regret that I am quiet. Instead fighting for my rights. Life is not easy as we predict. We all need to put effort to gain things that we desire for. Yeah, I agree that I am not  and even see myself less than white people, however, I never aspirated wrong or bad for my sister. Even though, I used to feel jealous, because she was getting everything which I am deprived from it.feels stylist

The scar of my body demotivated me to introduce myself to the world where my sister brought change herself by embracing the modern life and also changed herself. However, I look for something better by enhancing my self and confidence level

My sister and mom never understood me, either helped me to come out from my comfort zone. Even Though, I did not get any justice, however, I will bring justice for me by keeping myself on top of everything. I would give a value my heritage, but not more than myself. I should not keep myself behind from everything and prisoned me the house. Its makes me feels suffocated and criminal. Earlier or later, one day i have to face the reality. Therefore, from right now. I know, I can not erase the scars of my body but I can make my life better by not hiding me on the corner of my room and backyard. During that time, there were slavery. White being so abusive and violent towards black people. The scare of the wound still appear in black people body. These people move forward in their life with their painful past and unfairness. Therefore, why I should not learns from it. I entitled to possess my sister’s life. Eventually, I changed myself and overcome all the obstacles. I become more confident as I realized that I have some qualities that my sister does not share. I also able to develop a deeper relationship with my mother.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Maggie’s Mournful life by Yeanoor is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. El-Hossin 20 hours ago

    Dear Yeanoor:

    I am inspired by your short story because it is very powerful and phenomenal piece of writing.

    One sentence that stands out for me, “My sister and mom never understood me” I think this sentence is critical to your story’s overall feelings, because it is very sad!

    Your short story reminds me of my life back home 🙁

    Thanks for your short story. I look forward to seeing what you make next.

    Bas Bas

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