I have been dying to tell you what happen today in my life. I wake up every day and I don’t feel happy with my life because I think everything about me does not worth. I don not feel happy with my life because I think everything about me is not worth much. When I was a little child, I am the only person in my house who burns in a firehouse. Since that day, I lose confidence in myself. The only thing I desire now is to live with other people. I have a sister who is really enjoying her life and I am always observing her. I am someone who is barely recognized or even noticed by the world because I am silent and distant. I am rarely present even when I try to pronounce complete sentences.

Moreover, I am a burn victim and since that day my mother starts to describe me in less than flattering terms such as a wounded animal who must live her life forever overpowered to forces bigger than her own will.

She does not fortify me with many powerful qualities because she never encourage me like she uses to do with Dee. In addition she used to judge me about my behavior. My mother only appreciates my sister.  Sometimes gives the impression that I will fail in my life and becoming an individual; I will fade into a life of farm work, and take care of children. 

Despite that my mother attitude was like I liked her and I will always protect her. Also I can thank her because I become more confident after my sister comes to ask about her quilts and then mama defends my best interests.


CC BY-SA 4.0 It Is How I feel In Real Life by Leticia is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Khadija 1 day ago

    Dear Leticia.
    I am choosing an adjective showing emotion of excited about your story. your story, “It Is How I feel In Real Life” because I like the way that you give voice to a person that you are written for. And this is a situation that many problems have struggling for in reality life thanks to our society influence.
    One line that stands out for me is,“She does not fortify me with many powerful qualities because she never encourages me like she used to do with Dee.” I think this line is thought-provoking because it catching my attention to know more why you give her voice in your story . Since this sentence have a strong powerful definition to understand your still written.
    Another line that stands out for me is, “Despite that my mother’s attitude was like I liked her and I will always protect her.” I think this line is compelling because it makes me think in which level mothers are important in our like. And their value is so bigger since we don’t have the right to judge them just love them despite all the things they are doing for us.
    Your Story helps me to understand a story that I once read on everyday use because in this story it was a problem of a families that one sister was burned and others one no . Then the burn sister the situation was hard for her . I find it was unfair, however when I read your story I realize I’m totally wrong because no human on this earth is perfect so we should love our family specific our mothers.
    Thanks for your Story I look forward to seeing what you make next . Since I would like to see different type of story in others situation that people don’t consider it . Then using some of strategies elements that we can feel it more. And those can of thing will bring me back to see others creations you made.

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