I waited for her to finish using the restroom because even though she has been physically hurt she is still have this unbelievable habit of getting up early right before mom and I. I came from a poor family which seems to me as a curse. My mom is the type of person that most people would describe as fearless, possessing incredible strengths. She does jobs that some men wouldn’t dare to do. My younger sister Maggie has become this miserable person after the incident that had occurred in the other house a decade ago. She is mumbling to herself about this incident have destroyed her life for good which I don’t really consider true. In fact, the incident that occurred was an excitement for me because I hated every corner about our old house. Now the house that we are living in isn’t any better: scratches on the wall and holes on them as windows. I always dreamed of leaving this horrible house to much nicer one and feel like I belong in that life style.

My so long dream came true when I met him.

On a Monday afternoon, I met Asalamalakim, the son of the richest man of the whole town. He was this short looking guy with long hair all over his head. To me God had provided everything for their family. This was the ideal family I wished to came from or to be part of. He was a bit older than I was but I didn’t mind. I thought to myself that if I could be a part of this family, it could bring an end to my miserable life. I decided to start a relationship with him so I could be part of his luxury. I have always been a great looking girl and so making myself noticed by him would be the easier part of the plan. I didn’t tell my mom about what I was about to accomplish because she would pull out her annoying lessons of life how we shouldn’t take advantage of people for their wealth but what did I cared.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Dee’s plan to become rich by Issaka is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Khadija 1 day ago

    Dear Issaka.
    I am choosing an adjective showing emotion of enriched about your story. your story, “Dee’s plan to become rich” because you is teach us how women can be determined at the same ambitieuse. In an interest to succeed her life and for her family.
    One line that stands out for me is,“This was the ideal family I wished to came from or to be part of” I think this line is thought-provoking because it caught my attention to know more about the story. Since I was asking myself many questions about her that was where is love because she just think about her profit when the man will be married her.
    Another line that stands out for me is, “ I have always been a great looking girl and so making myself noticed by him would be the easier part of the plan.” I think this line is interesting because it makes me think how became a rich girl was her dream. Does why she just feel happy inside of her because she is thinking the situation will be easy for her since she has all the tools man need to see from women.
    Your Story helps me to understand a story that I once read on everyday use because in this story it was a problem of a families that one sister was burned and others one no . Then sister who doesn’t burn she just acts differently because she think the family is not deserve here. Does why all things she doing is like rich daughter. Therefore your history just open eyes for me to understand more clearly.
    Thanks for your Story I look forward to seeing what you make next time . Since I would like to see different type of story in others situation like that . Then using some of strategies elements that we can feel it more. And those can of thing will bring me back to see others creations you made.

  2. Yeanoor 4 days ago

    Dear Issaka
    I am enthusiastic about your short story, “Dee’s plan to become a rich,” because the way you depict Dee’s motives which really emphasized she knows how to play around people by only caring about her desires and gain what she craves for. She did not feel melancholy, even for a little bit when the old house god burned in the flames and her strong mom was breaking her back to manage household.
    One line that stands out for me is, “ we shouldn’t take advantage of people for their wealth, ” I think this line is intriguing because this is authentic which makes your story excellent and teach a great lesson
    Your story helps me to understand Everyday use that I once read, we should be satisfied with what we have by giving important heritage and tradition.
    Thanks for your Story. I look forward to seeing what you make next.

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