Maggie: Those quilts are mine. I finds worth in the quilts because of their functionality and sentimental value. They are the only thing i can take to my husband’s house as a remembrance of my heritage.

Dee: I can’t give you those quilts because you don’t know the value of them.

Mama: You abandoned us ! and you forgot your roots, you don’t know what these quilts mean to us.

Dee: I know, It’s our heritage, and it symbolizes the struggle that our grandparents had, so we can have existence in this country.

Mama: Do you believe in your culture? You abandoned us for ten years and now you are coming to strip us from the only thing that represent the authentic history of my family, your family, and our culture.

Dee: I was away for a fruitful opportunity. I had to educate myself to flourish and show the world that we are capable of change, that we can do better rather than mourning our difficult times and playing victims. I don’t want to spend my whole life being submissive to other people. I had to make a change.Deep inside I value my culture and that’s why I am here.

Mama: you view those quilts as artifacts fantasizing that they can helps you reconnect to your roots. You just can’t get it.

Maggie: I wanted to do better, too. But I didn’t have the opportunity you had. Mama give you all the money she has collected all over her life so you can get an education. Instead of acknowledging that, you left us in poverty.

DEE: Yes, she chose to give me the money rather than you because I deserve it . She knew that I am capable of changing my life rather than spending my life mourning about my body scars.

Maggie: Don’t talk about my body scars . You have no idea how that affected my life.

Dee: you could not go over such a silly thing like this. How would you expect to be in a class where you are the only black student and everybody is expecting the worst of you .

Mama: Don’t forget that she sacrificed her life trying to save the only thing we own while you were outside hoping that house the house will be destroyed. You spent your whole life wishing that you get rid of your past treating it like a stigma.

Dee: I never wanted to bury my past but I willed to make my life better. I didn’t want to have a conventional life like you and Mama. .

Mama: you will never understand us. You think that everything revolves around you

Dee: Mama, Am done explaining myself to you. I will always keep going no matter what and i will come back seeing you and my sister stuck in the same place.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Dee and the Quilts by Hanna is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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