By observing the imagine and examine the quote  i can say that the message is; If you’re an immigrant from another country you must speak English. I found this very rude because not all people have the resources to be able to sit in a classroom and learn a new language, especially people of age. Also is good to know another language but at the same time is not mandatory. As an immigrant I have seen successful people get a job 1 and stable and don’t know English at all. The way the person said this quote sounds very rude and I wouldn’t like it. How about you?


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  1. Rachael 2 months ago

    Hi Keily,
    Good post. I like how you mention that you are an immigrant and add your personal perspective that’s been affected because of this. I agree that immigrants shouldn’t be met with so much aggression when it comes to learning English. Instead, they should be helped with getting used to their new situation and be able to preserve their native customs and language, while still being able to learn the language of their new home country in order to find work and send their kids to school. I found an interesting article that adds a lot to the subject of immigration and language: Here, they discuss how immigration changes language, which is really fascinating.

  2. madison 2 months ago

    Hi Keily, I think that you bring an interesting point into discussion about learning English. You specifically mentioned immigrants learning English. It is important to know different languages, especially learning English in America because so many of us speak it and it is easier to communicate with one another. It is okay, however, to not know English and live in America because America celebrates diverse culture and language. There are still ways to communicate with others without the use of language. I agree with you that knowing English is helpful, but it should not be forced upon non native speakers.

  3. Cooper 2 months ago

    While learning a new language is a very hard task, I think immigrants should learn English. Since an overwhelming majority of Americans speak English and it is our country’s official language, it makes sense that an immigrant would be expected to learn English. You may be able to get a job not speaking English, but being able to speak English will make you be able to communicate better with most citizens and it will definitely help an individual move up the job ladder. It would especially help that person as they could speak two languages and many company’s see that as an advantage.

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