A big issue that involves all Americans with internet access is the issue over net neutrality. Net neutrality is the policy that makes all websites load and function at the same speed and allows access to any website. Since net neutrality became a thing in the early 2000’s many conflicts have occured regarding this issue.

Net neutrality is important to Americans because it allows them to access any website with equal speed and quality. Without net neutrality internet providers can slow down their competitors’ content or block political opinions they disagree with. In essence this allows major internet providers to decide which other companies fail/succeed and limits free speech based on what your internet provider believes. Big companies don’t want net neutrality because it has negative effects on competition and taxes among other things.

I think net neutrality is an important aspect to basic American life. It lets individual people do what they want online with no interference from outside sources (unless it’s illegal). It’s an important part to our individual freedom and provides an example of what America should stand for, this being the protection of free speech and action.


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