Every year there seems to be a new diet going around promising health improvements and weight loss. These diets popularity come and go, but one diet managed to survive through this vicious judging process, and that is the Keto diet. There are documentaries and many articles discussing the benefits of Keto. Ultimately, people go on a Keto diet to help them lose weight or to reduce the chances of cancer.

One of the benefits of going on a Keto diet is the reduced risk of cancer and the possible removal of cancer cells. In a Keto diet, you eliminate all sugar, including natural sugars from fruit. Cancer cells cannot produce their own glucose (or sugar), so they rely on the body’s glucose intake. This is called the Warburg effect. Therefore, if you eliminate your glucose intake, then you starve your cancer cells. One of the reasons that people switch to a Keto diet is because of the positive effect that it has on your chances of getting cancer and fighting cancer. Even though the Warburg effect has been studied for the past 40 years, in a report done in 2016, they concluded that “the function of the Warburg Effect remains unclear”.

Even though a Keto diet can help your chances against cancer, the diet is costly to maintain. The diet consists of fatty foods (nuts), vegetables, and proteins (meats). While being on a Keto diet you end up eating less, you still have to pay more for the Keto-type foods. People also get diet fatigue and fall back into their old routines because it is either cheaper or more time friendly. Going on a Keto diet is time costly and the ingredients to make a meal costs more than a non-keto friendly meal. McManus comments about the long term effects in an article published by Harvard Health Publication and says, “we don’t know about the long term”. The Keto diet has not been popular for very long so the long-time results are unclear.



  1. shanukalk 9 months ago

    This is my idea of keto diet this diet is not for everyone i think peoples try to start with keto diet and peoples try to get weight loss goal as fast as they can but its not good everything do slowly,Thank you http://weightlossdietpln.com/negatives-of-ketogenic-diet/

  2. Ben 10 months ago

    Way to write an interesting article. I never knew what a Keto diet was before and you really opened my eyes to that lifestyle. This article I found (https://health.usnews.com/wellness/food/articles/mediterranean-vs-keto) talks about the differences in diets both in the Mediterranean way of eating and the keto diet and the pros and cons of both

    • Ben 10 months ago

      I forgot to sign my name

      Thanks! Ben

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