In these days, I think that global warming is one of the biggest threats which is getting dangerous.

In my opinion there are so many things that we, as humanity,  can do to prevent global warming. Nevertheless, to solve the problem, we need to know what causes global warming  first. In one of the websites that I have searched, it says “Global warming occurs when carbon dioxide (CO2) and other air pollutants and greenhouse gases collect in the atmosphere and absorb sunlight and solar radiation that have bounced off the earth’s surface.”

According to another website about solutions to global warming, I found some possible solutions like driving less, recycling more, planting trees, etc. Personally, driving less can be the most effective solution because it will decrease the burning of fossil fuels or people can use electrical cars (or hybrid). The other effective solution can  be renewable energy usage. For example, we can use the energy from the sun because it always produces energy so we should not waste that energy.

In conclusion, as humanity we should take action to leave a better future for the next generation. Otherwise, this problem will continue to grow.

  1. Ella 8 months ago

    Hi Kutay! I read your article and really enjoyed it! I agree with you when you say that global warming is the biggest threat to our planet at the moment. I think that the solutions you found and proposed, like driving less and decreasing the burning of fossil fuels, are great. I just think that more people in our society need to be educated about it. Lots of people do not know the source of global warming or the solutions they could help make. I found this article that talks about even more solutions and would highly suggest reading it if you are interested in learning ways we can stop it: This was a great article!

    Great job,

  2. Pauline 9 months ago

    Hi Kutay! I’m Pauline! I really liked your article and how you pointed our specific ways in which we can lower our carbon emissions! I found this article which shows more ways we can lower our carbon footprint hope you like it! One of the ways I found most effective is to eat less meat and eat what you need and not waste food.

  3. Charlie 9 months ago

    Hey Kutay, I really liked this article. I liked how you gave us examples of ways to lower our carbon emissions, and explained how if we don’t do something our planet could be facing a lot of dangers.

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