In America, you will find that even if you have plenty of sunshine, no one will dry clothes outside, but everyone will use a dryer because personal habits and it is illegal to dry clothes. In many parts of the United States, there is an injunction without formal legislation called the “clothes line ban” ( California is already intervening in the ban). Because drying clothes will affect the appearance, the real estate business can not sell the house for a good price that many communities prohibit residents from drying clothes. This incident has also caused protests from environmentalists.
The waste of Americans is mainly from cheap energy and mature industrial production . The prices of industrial products are very cheap (including automobiles and electronic products). However, due to the high labor costs, there is a high price as long as it involves labor. An important reason for Uber to develop self-driving car is that hiring driver costs lots of money. If the water pipes in the house are broken, the replacement parts are very cheap.But if the plumber comes over to help you with the problem,even the plumber can’t fix it, you still need to pay a much higher price than it of the replacement. This is also a result of a of industrial automation: low prices for industrial products and expensive products for customized products.
But even if many Americans live a life of high energy consumption, we can’t directly label this whole American. In general, the United States is still wasting lots of things. But the waste can be different. The waste referred to here refers to overproduction that the products produced have low or no marginal benefits (such as California tomatoes can only be rotted). It is not practical or what I advocate to reduce the quality of life in order to save.
But the United States is also an extremely differentiated country. The level of science and technology in the United States is sufficient to build a production system that is extremely efficient, environmentally friendly, and even economically profitable without reducing the quality of life. Because it’s not required, this system exists only in the homes of some people with social responsibility or rich people. Most people don’t care, and there is no need to consider whether it is waste. The entire social pricing system is not encouraging, or even suppressing savings. In this context, we also see a lot of resources, and the world’s cutting-edge environmental technology, renewable energy technology innovation.

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  1. Baoyang Dong 7 months ago

    Wow interesting! I didn’t heard about the clothes line ban before, and also I agree with your opinion about wasting in United States. American technology is very developed but it also caused a lot of wasting and high labor costs. Thank you for sharing this. I really like this post and can’t wait to learn more.

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