When I walked to the soccer field with two friends, the coach Ernesto approached me. 

He told me, “Today, Erick, you are going to be the team captain.” 

On this day that I was the captain, he looked very angry, I don’t know why. He is very hard on the players when they don’t’ what the do what he designed. This happened in my country when I was 11 years.

While I and my friends arrived at the soccer field, and we are talking with the other players and I told Hanner and Emmanuel to come to talk with me about something important. We went and I said, “What’s up bro. I have to choose between you. Only one.”

Hanner said, “Why?”

“Because there are many players on the team. Well, I chose Hanner, sorry.”

Emanuel said, “O.K.” 

Emmanuel looked sorrowful when he left the soccer field. Yet we lost the game because of Hanner. He only wanted the ball for himself. He did not pass it on to the other players. I comforted him, “why did not pass it to the others?” He said, “because I do not want to. “You have to pass it because we are a team. I’m angry because we lost the game.”

 I thought I was wrong to as. I walked to school the next morning, I was still thinking about it. To choose Hanner over  Emmanuel because Emmanuel passes the ball more to the other team members and Hanner does not. 

When I arrived at the classroom, I saw Emanuel sitting on a chair. He said, “Hello, good morning,” I said, “Good morning, Emmanuel, I wanted to ask you something. Do You want to return to the team because I think I made the wrong decision to choose Hanner. “Ok, I want to go back, “he said.gool

When I think about that moment, I know that I have changed a lot because of that bad decision. From my point of view, I think I made the wrong decision because it takes me because Hanner was good but he just didn’t play with the other players and Emanuel was better playing with the players. I believe that if something similar happens to me again, I will make the correct decision.

Photo by flooy (Pixabay)

  1. Gedeon 6 months ago

    Great experience!
    I like the way you presented this story. It shows that you learned your mistake and were able to make up for that error. This teaches us that mistakes are inevitable because we are not all knowing, but we are sometimes presented with a chance to fix our mistakes.

  2. janet E Ilko 6 months ago

    I think that is an important life lesson, to think about what is best for the team. In sports, it is fun to win, but it is also important to learn life skills like leadership and teamwork. Your reflection on your decision makes you a good leader. I hope that you get the opportunity to lead again, and thanks for sharing this life lesson.

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