Throughout our education we take standardized tests from the ACT to SAT, but do they really define a student? Some of the cons of standardized testing is it only considers a single test score when it comes to evaluation. The students growth is not in evaluation and the personal experiences the child goes through leading up to the testing date is not considered. Results don’t consider a child’s background and home life when it comes to learning the material needed for these standardized tests. Additionally, standardized testing does not test every field of education causing the results to not be as accurate when it comes to scoring a child’s intelligence.

According to data from 19 nationally representative studies by Stanford University sociologist Sean Reardon, found that the gap between children of families in the lowest and highest parts of socioeconomic status is more than one standard higher on reading tests at kindergarten entry, which is an amount equal to roughly 3 to 6 years of learning in middle school. This study also showed the relationship between a family’s income position and their child’s academic performance has grown substantially stronger during the last half century. This evidence indicates that with a child’s home life not taken into account when it comes to standardized testing they are bound to fail because of there inconsistency in learning.

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  1. Bella 7 months ago

    Hi Cassie,

    I agree that standardized testing is heavily weighted in the US especially with regards to the SAT and ACT and getting into university. I also agree that an individual’s academic growth is not taken into account when looking at their standardized test scores. I believe that an individual’s transcript is much more explicative of academic growth rather than a single number scored from a test done in a single sitting over the course of a couple hours. Standardized testing is good when it is performed in elementary or secondary school in that it can help identify which students may need extra help with academics, and teachers can provide them with the proper tools for success. However, I don’t believe that standardized testing should be so heavily weighted when it comes to getting into university, as in countries like China or India where doing poorly on standardized tests can completely reroute a student’s future. My hope is that the United States lessens the weight of standardized testing as these tests can cause stress and low self-esteem.

    Here is an interesting article I found regarding how standardized testing varies from country to country:

    Looking forward to what you write next,

    • Bella

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