The electoral college is a group of people in the United States elects the president and the vice president. It was designed by the founding father during the constitutional convention. But nowadays, this system had become more controversial during the 2020 presidential election, it had been a hot topic during the democratic debate

So why the electoral colleges are so controversial? That because some argues that the system of electoral colleges elect the president make our country less democratic. In 2016 elections, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by more than one million votes but she still lose the election because not getting enough electoral college votes.  If the electoral college system is not that democratic why the founding fathers designed the system? That is because an important reason, to avoid “Tranny of the majority”. This system makes sure the president as the head of one of the three branches of government is qualified. But some still argues that as time goes the electoral system does not apply to current society of the United States. But there are also some advantages other than  to avoid “Tranny of the majority”, electoral colleges also ensure all parts of the nation get involved in the presidential elections. If the election only based on popular votes, the candidate would only focus their campin event on certain areas with large populations, but in order to win the election under the electoral colleges the candidates need to build a platform of campian nationwide. If there are no electoral colleges the people in large cities will have more voice than those live in rural villages.

So should we preserve the electoral colleges? Or Should we abolish it? There are pros and cons of this system. But I believed the people of the United States will make their wise choice in the upcoming 2020 presidential elections.


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