The drinking age for years has been a big topic of debate among the government and among everyday people. The drinking age has been 21 for a long time now and there are still some people who argue that the drinking age is too high and that the drinking age should be lowered to 18. On the other side there are a heavy load of people that think the drinking age is good where it is or that the drinking age should actually be older.

Some people feel that the drinking age should be lowered because they feel that it is time for people to start understanding all of the things that people can do before 21 that can be considered much more risky or dangerous such as the fact that you can vote, adopt children, sign up for Iraq or become a commercial pilot at 18. People argue that these things can potentially kill you and put your life into jeopardy so why can’t something that is potentially not as lethal as going to war still be legal at a later age. While this can be put into a valid argument their are a great number of people that also feel differently.

There is still a majority of people that feel like the drinking age should be raised or kept the same. Their argument is based on the idea that while our nation does have a big problem with underage drinking, lowering the drinking age to 18 would not stop any sort of hard core drinkers and pretty much would just make it legal to drink as to what we consider underage. It is hard to see from a standpoint why going from drinking in a house or frat would to bars would make any sort of difference to hardcore drinkers that will always find a way to get their hand on alcohol which was a major argument for the pro lowering drinking age people. There is also the argument that the brain has not properly developed at 18 and there is a tone of scientific evidence to back them up.



  1. asher 10 months ago

    Hey Alex,
    I think you bring a good point in your post that we are considered an adult and can fight but not not drink for another three years. I think it is important to keep in mind and that a brain isn’t developed by even 21 but at 25, an article from NY times makes a good agreement

  2. Timmy 10 months ago

    Hey Alex,
    I agree with the points you made in this post and thought it was very interesting. You might enjoy reading this article from LA times about the topic of changing the drinking age .

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