The “color revolution” refers to the movement of political power in Central Asia, the Soviet Union, and Eastern European countries in the ideological and non-violent manner since the end of the 20th century.

Let first learn about what can make color revolution, in the economic field, the economic development of a region has been sluggish in the short term and many problems cannot be solved at one time, which provides an economic soil for the “color revolution”

Second, in the political arena, if the corruption phenomenon in the ruling party is more serious, it will cause the people to disagree or disapprove of the ruling party, which provides a political incentive for the implementation of the “color revolution”.

Third, if there is not a correct core value to guide, pluralistic values ​​will cause the division of ideas, leading to confusion of values ​​and ideas. This provides the cultural basis for the realization of the “color revolution”.

Fourth, if social governance can’t keep up, people’s livelihood issues can’t be solved effectively, and the shortage of public goods supply will cause people’s dissatisfaction. If the public’s emotional problems are serious and it is difficult to form a consensus and form cohesiveness, it will give the some countries the use of public sentiment and use populism to incite public sentiment. This provides a basis for public opinion to achieve the “color revolution.” Some countries forces always use unreasonable, non-moral means and actions to confuse a country or a region. This is the real face of some countries.

The result of the color revolution can make chaos and bring war to a specific area then to the whole country. In these case, a country’s power in that area will be destroy then other country can have more control on the economic field. By bringing war to other country, the country who start it can have a more stable position in these world. Now there is only two player in this world. They are China and US. US make color revolution in HK so they can create chaos and make the capital in HK flow back to US. China and Russia also kid America out of Syria and stop its expand. It’s hard to say which country will be the last winner.


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