People and their drones in the past few years there have been more threats and more than the less related things bout Drones in the United States. They are proceeding to say that if these go any further they will be a threat to all of humankind. There was an inmate that was trying to escape from prison during the 4th of July. They believe that the way that he got all of the supplies was flown in by a drone. People and their ways of getting to these subjects was a basic need for this person t be able to escape. The directors in the South Carolina directions of coordinates were almost at an aw with all of the events that happened this night.  

These actions with the Drones are acted to be as Terrorist activities being performed by other groups according to two Airforce officials that sit in a dark room In Nevada looking for these things. Not only are other people from out of the country doing this but US Forces are doing this in other countries to help with their ways of ending their wars and so on. The most common thing to find along with the Terrorist acts is that these people that are flying these are also flying them so close to airports that they are having to put people in the airports to control everything that is going on with them. 

Most people are saying that having these drones are not actual threats. More to the fact that these people are clueless about what they actually know about the fact that there are multiple people out there with all of these resources of getting control of these machines. They now have many things to the regard that they have hawks in airports that are meant to chase these objects out of the area so that there are no further things that could possibly go wrong with them. 


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