My name is Pablito. I’m a guy from Honduras. My age is 17 years old. If I’m going to introduce myself it is good to know that I’m a cool guy, chilling and everything. Just don’t try to play dirty with me or Ima be the opposite of cool. I have lived in many places: Honduras, some short time in Mexico, and now out here in the USA. I think that my life has changed a lot since I moved from my country.

In school like a normal student I don’t really like all classes. Most of the time I’m not even in school. The facts that make me not come to school is that I find this place  boring. Sometimes I come to school because I feel like getting my high school diploma but I’m not even close to doing it.

During my life I have lived in several neighborhoods in the Bronx. The new neighborhood where I live is a very quiet place but the place where I lived before we can say that it is wilder. Any kind of things can happen during the day or night, such as shootings, stabs, and fights. However, the funny part is that people normally feel scared about it, even though they live there and they have to go through it every day. They act afraid even if you are not a dangerous person.


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  1. Edwin 2 months ago

    Dear Family: Edwin.
    I am Edwin, your story is very good, it has many interesting things that you went through to get to the states, for everything that happened to the dangers, ”because these are done if you say you don’t like schools, you don’t like the country.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “The most familiar thing I have with you is that it is very difficult for me as it is for me, perhaps because I am not very sociable and that is why I cannot speak the language well. Because many say that I am not a normal person I almost don’t like to talk.

    This reminds me of an experience I had eleven, well the truth is I did not immigrate because I was born, but you must be strong and it is better to continue. I am doing without my dad or my mom they are in Mexico and I am with my uncles but I hope you do not get discouraged and move on

    Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I hope that you still give me your opinion of mine.

    Form: Edwin

  2. edwin 2 months ago

    Dear Edwin:
    I am Edwin Your story is somewhat surprising because of everything you’ve been through to be now where you are and you don’t feel like following, “Your story is very convincing and for everything you’ve been through we all deserve opportunities” /

    When you talk about the journey that you undertook, mine is something similar, only that I did not immigrate, I was born in the United States, only that they took me very small to Mexico to live and now after 15 years I came.

    That never happened to me but I imagine everything that happened

    Thank you for listening to me and I hope it helps

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