So far, the plot in Somewhere only we know reminds me of the world. The plot reminds me of this because in my book the girl is a k-pop and she also goes to school and she has a lot of fans and the different between my book and the world is that BLACK PINK they are girls who sing also k-pop and  in all the world they are recognized and alsoBTS they are very famous with the k-pop they don’t go to school only they are dedicated to him k-pop they also dance very well and the production is very cool.

You think that k-pop is good?



  1. Natalia 8 months ago

    Hi Evelyn,

    I just heard my first K-Pop performance the other day! I liked it!

    Ms. Navarro

  2. Wuyou 10 months ago

    Hello Evelyn,
    I really like k-pop. I think they have a really good system of finding k-pop idol and making music. Here is a link about my favorite k-pop music
    Wuyou Zhou

  3. Peyton W Rose 10 months ago

    Hello Evelyn, I also really enjoy k-pop, some of my favorite music is from k-pop groups. I would suggest if you like k-pop that you check out some j-pop groups. It’s a bit different, but there are a lot of parallels with the genres.

  4. Mitchell 10 months ago

    Hello Evelyn, I really enjoyed reading your article. I liked your word and topic choice. Great job tying your book into your topic. Lastly, I am a huge fan of K-Pop. Also didn’t BTS get convicted of murder?

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