by Siwei Tang

“ Everything is getting better and better!!”

How does depressed person walk out of shadow —— talk about heart cold

According to clinical analysis and statistics, the number of depression patients in China has reached 30 million, and the severity has exceeded 16 million. It is estimated that by 2020, depression will become the second largest disease in the world after cardiovascular disease. The famous psychologist Martin seleman called it a “mind cold.” They range in age from 8/9 to 80/90. There is no identity, gender, occupation, rich or poor… The difference. Depression is generally have the following some performance: personality is fragile, close-minded, gloomy mood, sullen, lonely and helpless, silent and empty inferiority, headstrong, glassy-eyed, thinking slow, slow, abnormal emotion, fear, paranoia, sadness world-weariness, amazing timidity, restless, disgusted with nerves, memory loss, irritable, angry… And so on. In addition to pay attention to diet, Chinese and western medicine treatment, focus on talking about psychotherapy. Many modern people feel confused, empty, helpless, lonely, bitter tired…… Psychological empty, as if to the crossroads of life, before and after the valley, dilemma, live and live, die and die. Struggling to find a way out of life and the answer. What is the most painful thing in life? Life is the most painful is not to understand the meaning of life, life direction and life’s mission; Can not find the truth, life in confusion, emptiness, suffering slowly; The body of life is still there, but the heart is dead!!! This is the most sad life, the most sad, the most painful ah!

The way ahead is so long without ending, yet high and low I’ll search with my will unbending. Some of them are confused, empty, helpless until the end of life, it is really sad, sad, sad ah! A lot of people are asking: why? If you really want to know, let me give you a clear answer today! This is caused by negative psychological factors.
What is negative mental energy? It includes: selfish, hatred, stingy, ignorance, pride, false, evil, ugly, confused, pollution, greed, fear, inferiority and timidity, negative, pessimistic, impulsive, ruthless, resentment, jealousy, persistent, stingy, self sustaining, hate—— the psychological consequences are: contradiction, opposition and adversary, hostility, the enemy—— these psychological negative energy brings negative, severe depression, sadness, and morbid consequences, and that’s what life is dark, depression, sadness, pain, disease, and the total root cause of poverty. If negative energy occupies the dominant position of body and mind, it is like an invisible hand that manipulates people’s thoughts, thoughts and behaviors, making people fall into the abyss of pain and even unable to extricate themselves. True liberation is not the soul in the abyss of suffering every day in suffering. But in the process of life to understand the truth of life, this is the true spiritual liberation. So how to get out of the abyss of pain? The only way to eliminate negative energy is to increase your positive energy.
What is positive mental energy? It includes:, big love, giving, understanding, modesty and integrity, justice, goodness and awakening, pure, clean, bold, confident, brave, positive, optimistic, gentle, gratitude, contentment, tolerance, understanding, generous, introspection, like—— the psychological effect is: harmony, affinity, friendship, affection, family—— these mental brings positive positive energy, joy and happiness and healthy positive effect, this is what life is light, happiness, joy, happiness, health, wealth and the total root.
According to Derek bok, President of Harvard University, a world-renowned psychology base, many people believe that more wealth means more happiness, but research shows that this is basically not true. Harvard also has a mantra: “it’s happier to give than to receive.” Psychologists believe that when you are angry, your ability to understand and control things around you decreases significantly. And even do the unexpected. Love, tolerance is the door to happiness; Hatred, hatred is the seed of pain trouble! Harvard University has a popular motto: “busy autumn harvest busy autumn seeds, study, study, study. The truth of dealing with people will never be finished. With love, to stand upright world. “On the good water yuan yuan” is the life of this truth.

In fact, the negative energy of life is not born, but acquired by the increasingly serious continuous pollution caused. The pollution mainly comes from: genetic factors, family influence, social interference, their own words and deeds. As long as the root of the disease, there will be a solution. This requires strengthening immunity against interference and pollution prevention, shaping a sound and perfect personality, and constantly improving the spiritual realm of life. A bottle can contain honey or poison. A person’s heart can be disappointed, but also can be loaded with hope. What’s in a person’s heart? It’s up to you! Trouble every day, do not pick up nature. If you can draw inferences from one example, your life will be broad. In this world, the most vulnerable is the psychological; The most powerful thing is psychology. In fact, everyone is the god created fine, have unlimited light and great treasure, have the most precious value and show life wonderful stage! Confidence and faith is the heart of the sun; Confidence and faith can arouse the sleeping life; Confidence and faith are the best medicine for life. When we have no backbone, live to the extreme pain; When we are stricken and on the verge of life, perhaps it is because of this confidence that our great tribulations are suddenly relieved. Because of this faith, we are on the verge of death, life can be sustained; Because of this confidence, so that we can use the strongest heart to face all the hardships in life! I am not afraid of hardship, I want to live well! One has to learn to appreciate themselves, to see their own little and sunny side, in order to free themselves. Heart disease also need heart medicine, also need to tie the bell bell. What is an understanding person? Reason is clear, thinking, you do not have trouble, trouble things are easy to solve, become such a person, how good!

What is life? Zigzag is life; Pain and pleasure is life; Life is full of ups and downs. No one can change the reality; No one can change the laws of nature, and it is better to face rather than escape. The world is not lack of happiness, but the lack of found happiness. The world is not short of beauty, but the lack of beauty found. Life is the reproduction of art, art is the sublimation of life! Life is a colorful life; Life is colorful life! Life is not to live, not to die, but live like a lively life! Confusion has come, light will be far? Emptiness has been experienced, full in front! The most glorious day in a man’s life is not the day when he becomes famous, but the day when he rises from his lamentation and despair and marches on courageously.

We hide to try our feelings, but we forget that out eyes speak.”

  1. Clinton 8 months ago

    Hello Siwei,
    This is a very powerful post. I can see you put a lot of work and time in it. However, I really like what you said and I strongly agree with you. I have seen many of my friends struggling with depression. It is more serious than most of the people think it is. I hope more and more people would spend their time for those depression patient. Great job!
    Clinton Kwong.

    Here is a link that might help you:
    it is all about depression.

  2. B.O 8 months ago

    Overall, I noticed how you focused a lot on depression and how serious it is. I appreciate that you had touched on positive mental energy and how much it affects the results of someone who is happy. While there is a lot of good info and backup in it, I feel that there should be more evidence and sources to help back it up. One thing I had trouble with was where you got the evidence for saying that depression was the 2nd worst disease in the world. How did you get that info? What about the other diseases? All in all, great job on talking about the topic but focus more on evidence and where it came from.

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