My name is Katie Harston and I go to Judge Memorial. I am taking a class at my school called new media. I decided to join new media because I wanted to become a better writer and learn more about how to use a camera and videography. I was excited to try something new and giving the class a try. As a journalist I always want to see what other people’s thoughts and opinions are and to be able to express those.  

I enjoy listening to others and seeing what others opinions and thoughts are on certain issues. Because of my empathic thoughts towards the environment I feel like I can bring awareness about issues through journalism. I put in effort to being organized and on time. And I think I can use these skills with conducting my interviews.

I often wonder what the future will be like and what changes will be made to make the world a better place. But I have more questions about the near future. College is entering the picture and I often wonder about that transition. I would love the opportunity to interview Rosa Parks. I would ask her what inspired her to take a stand that day and what she thought it would be. Was it a plan to do what she did or a spur of the moment. I also have been working on a peice about students trying new sports and activities and in the future I want to  write about teen health and climate change.

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  1. Eric Chen 8 months ago

    Hi, Katie your post is good
    You have a great passion in News field. I have to say in this area it’s a very good way to promote to good development of future. This won’t let people goes to the wrong way and sometimes it can even affect political. By interview different people you can also get a better view for some area which can helps you be more experienced.
    Here is a link can help you:

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