Author: Cameron

Something a little more telling.

I am Cameron Mclaughlin a Judge Memorial student and Swimmer. Fundamentally, I am a person that needs to be self motivated. If I am going to do something and do it well, I need to come up with the idea myself or just actually be interested in it. When I am made to do something that I have no motivation for it will take too long or be low quality work. That is why I like journalism because I can be free in what I choose to do a story on.

I feel that I am good at forming questions. For journalism, I think this is good so I can ask the most important or thought provoking questions for my interviewees. I got this way through a lot of self reflection when I am in class I often ask myself questions about my own life.

The kind of questions that keep me up at night are things like “How will the word change in my lifetime.” or “Will the problems of climate change have significant effects on my generation” Mostly consisting of the concerns I have for the present day world. I joined the journalism class at my school  because I am interested in learning about filming. I recently interviewed the school’s new art teacher and it will be featured in the upcoming arts assembly, which I am quite proud of. I am now working on a story about the new allies club at Judge. It is an interesting story because it is the first allies club actually passed. If I could interview anyone I wanted it would be Theodore Roosevelt about the conflict with Bears Ears National Monument. It would be interesting to get his opinion.