This article I read is about standardized tests and how they are not efficient and that they should be taken away and how some parents choose to exempt their kids from taking the test. The reason the author states that, is because preparing for those exams takes away valuable time from learning in the classroom. Basically teaching should be more on the materials we need to learn and not about one test. The author claims that standardized test are ways to criticizes how some teachers teach. A quote from the author was “Based on what the average score was in each class showed how well the teachers were prepping their kids for the exam, but not for the actual class material”. 

Opposing side: 

In this article by Jack Buckly, he states that Standardized Test should be taken because it shows the potential some kids my have towards the future based on the score they get. The argument he made was that for schools who do optional test scores input, are often misused and biased. Supporting his argument he said that to help colleges see what students they want they have to look at the perspective of that students learning capabilities. That’s why we need standardized testing to measure out their capabilities. He also had a supporting evidence from the University of Minnesota about a test study they did down there.

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  1. Abigayle 8 months ago

    Dear Amani,
    I found this article to be very interesting and many kids taking standardized tests can relate to it. I agree that standardized tests don’t show the full capabilities of a student is they aren’t tests takers and I don’t think that they should be required. I feel like they are seen as the most important factor of getting into a college when they shouldn’t be. Here’s another source I found that night help.

    Abigayle Kendell

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