Our group’s idea for a long-range story.

I go to Judge Memorial in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’m new to journalism, but I’m hoping I can do some important work in my time at Judge. I wanted to be a journalist because I love the field so I joined the class at my school. 

I have a lot of experience with cameras because I’ve been doing photography for five years. I use these skills when I look at lighting, composition, or camera settings for an interview or b-roll. Most of my experience is learning about the technical parts of photography, but I also shoot street photography, which has gotten me used to asking people if I can take their photo. This confidence transfers over to asking questions or for interviews. My experience can help me feel more comfortable during interviews or in new settings, and let me focus more on the questions and responses. 

I want to know what’s really going on at my school, both among the student body and the administration, because I feel like there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes than I know about. If I could interview anyone about anything, I’d interview Abraham Lincoln on what type of pasta is his favorite because 1) I would love to know the answer and 2) people would be really upset that I asked him something so stupid, which would be funny to see. In the near future I’m hoping to do a piece on the school drug testing policy at Judge, because it was recently changed and students are feeling in the dark. I plan to interview students on how it affects them and then ask the administration why they implemented it and how it has changed the student body. In this class I recently finished a story about Ultimate Frisbee trying to get sanctioned, in which I interviewed the coach on the team and sanctioning standards.


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