Author: Emanuel

A Growing Addiction

Selective focus on the word “addiction”. Many more word photos in my portfolio…

We all know that addiction is a pain, and fighting against that addiction is even harder. Well what if taking certain drugs is the only way to feel sane. I’m not trying to support the use of drugs. However, in the book Piri is on the brink of being an addict. At first I think that he took some drugs to cope with the loss of his mom, and him finding out that his father has been cheating on his mom with a white woman. But the more that he used the drugs the harder it was to stop using them. I would understand if that were the reason, but I haven’t finished reading to find out exactly why.

The fourth section of “Down These Mean Streets” by Piri Thomas might leave a reader feeling bitter because faced with two impactful moments in his life, Piri has resorted to the use of heroin. An example of this is on page 200.  “At first it was like all right, because I had some bread going for me, but them few hundred bucks melted real fast and all I had was a growing habit. ” This is big because Piri is spending all of his money on drugs to feel better, but while in the process making him worse.

After this part of the book, most readers probably will be looking forward to reading the rest of this book because <as easy as it is to get addicted to a drug like heroin, the harder it is trying to fight it. At this point readers might want to know if Piri can fight this growing addiction that he has, or if he’s just gonna be another addict. .>What’s probably going to happen next is Piri might actually fight his addiction.