The middle class is the most important part of the economy. The middle class need to succeed so that the economy can improve. The majority of people should own most of the money. This would allow the economy to thrive through the driving force of the middle class. The income inequality is to great right now. 

The majority should have more money because the middle class is the heart of the economy. Right the money flow is to stagnate. This occurs because the rich have way more money then they need, and their money sits in the bank and compounds. The rich just keep getting richer, but the problem is that they are leaving everyone behind. We need to have better jobs and the access to affordable education. Without education families will have very limited opportunity.

If the middle class started to thrive, so would the economy. The best way for the economy to work is by having the middle class control the money flow. The rich should control less and be fewer. While the lower class should be less and brought out of poverty by the help of the economy. Access to jobs and jobs that will pay middle class well. Then the middle class could purchase more and put more money into the economy.

  1. Jack 8 months ago

    I think that the middle class does often become an after thought. most of the time the upper class will benifit from the work the middle class has done. It’s unfair but this is the system our country runs with. Reagan coined the phrase trickle down economics and we thought it would work.

  2. Cesar 8 months ago

    Hey Jack, I actually agree on what you are saying about the middle class trying so hard to gain more, and yet they earn less on the salary they have on the job they are in. The middle class is always the ones that make the work place move, so in which case the middle and high class are like ants (for example) there are three types of ant workers in an ant colony: the travelers, the miners, and the nurtures. Each one of these works help the work place (or colony) to grow for the high class to try to make a few adjustments to the workplace if he wants to. I believe that the reason that they are lowing the salary of the workers because they don’t want to waist the money that they are not using because they are thinking to spent in a higher cost for them. Do you agree what I’m saying?

  3. Alysa Gribben 8 months ago

    Jack, I agree with you. I like when you said that “the rich just keep getting richer, but the problem is that they are leaving everyone behind.” This is very true because the rich control everything, when the middle class is what drives the economy. There is such a large gap between middle class wages and the top 1% earners, causing problems with the economy. What steps do you think we can take to diminish the gap. This reminds me of the documentary we watched in class by Robert Reich. He said that the economy is run by the middle class, so if they earn more, they have more spending money to invest back into the economy. It is not fair that middle class people have to work so hard, for so little. The income inequality is so great between different classes. Many years ago, the difference between the wealth and middle class earners was not nearly as great as it is today. I think you should write on what the solutions could be and what steps we could take to succeed based off Robert Reich’s video. You could also discuss how the nation will look in the near future if the inequality gap increases. Here is a link to an article by the Washington Post, further discussing the inequality in America that I think you will enjoy.

  4. Adryan 8 months ago

    I agree with what this user is saying. The middle class seems to be looked over and not owed what they are due. The middle class, which are the harder workers, help to make things happen and I think they should be reexamined and should be given their fair equity.

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