In recent months there have been many cases of lung disease that is believed to be caused by nicotine and thc vapes. President Trump quickly decided to ban flavored vapes. I think that they decided not to look into the situation and just make a quick decision. However, my view is that the FDA needs to regulate the ingredients in the product rather than the consumer. We are not going to make everyone not vape at all but we could work on that for the future. The problem right now is that people are getting sick, so they need to make sure their products are safe for the consumer. 

Another big issue on these is fake THC dab carts. Legalizing marijuana nationwide would help less deaths because people will find ways around laws to get high. Then, the FDA needs to test and regulate these products. In order to wipe these bootleg THC vapes off the streets we need to legalize weed sooner. Flavored vapes are also helping people who smoke cigarettes to quit nicotine On the other hand though, banning this could cause more teens to go back to smoking cigarettes. 570,000 middle school students and 3.05 million high school students were e-cig users in 2018. 

Vaping has been a very big issue recently and there have been many debates about what lung disease is coming from. My view on this is that people need to look more into situations than just act upon them without knowing information. Also, the FDA needs to look at the ingredients of the product before they look at the consumers because this is getting people sick. 


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  1. Viviana 1 week ago

    I really like how you pointed out the facts about how banning these products is ineffective by saying “the FDA needs to regulate the ingredients in the product rather than the consumer”, and then gave ideas for ways to fix this problem that would be more effective. It also made me wonder the statistics of have many kids have smoked/vaped within the last 20 years.Before reading your post I had no idea that bootleg THC products were causing fatal health problems for consumers so I looked up more information on this problem.

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