The widening gap between the rich people and the poor people in the United States is now the most basic issue in American society. US policy is biased towards the affluent. The rich have an important influence on tax policy and the allocation of public resources such as education, social security and employment. Economic inequality is seen as the root cause of political inequality. Taxation is the key to regulating economic inequality. The preferential tax policy of the rich is an important reason for the widening gap between the rich and the poor in the United States.

The main reason for this is that US policy is more inclined to the wealthy 1% of the top of the pyramid of wealth. Mainly because wealthy people are more involved in national governance than the public. The rich people have a strong sense of participation in politics. Most wealthy people spend most of their time in political activities. Most people will participate in political donations. The channels for the rich people to speak better are better than the general public, and the response is even greater, which is easier for politicians to hear.This directly leads to the policy of being elected by the affluent people will only benefit them.

Because the US policy is biased towards 1% of the affluent population, the affluent population has an important impact on the allocation of public resources. This indirectly leads to the life of wealthy people being longer than those of poor people. Like in the article Mr. Sanders says:”We must put an end to the obscene income and wealth inequality in our country, and ensure living wages, quality health care and retirement security for our seniors as human rights.”The United States should be responsible for the social security of most people.


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